Adele: “Fame Not My Thing”

Adele Walked Away From Her Pop Career And Took Time Out To Become A Mum Because Fame Is “Really Toxic”.

The Rolling In The Deep singer’s hit 2011 album 21, which earned her six Grammy Awards, catapulted the Brit into the international stage and he or she went on to get an Oscar for my child Bond theme Skyfall, among a number of other accolades. Check Hello sheet music.

But she stepped outside the spotlight in the height of her fame to start out a family and raise her young son Angelo.

Now, returning from her hiatus while using acclaimed new single Hello, she reveals her distaste with the celebrity lifestyle prompted her to step away and become normal again.

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“Fame isn’t real, and I don’t wish to live a fake life,” she declared after a BBC interview. “Sometimes I have my… moments, however, not that often, when I think it will be a lot easier for being on a yacht continuously… Like other folks do… But I shouldn’t be using a yacht – I’m terrified of the sea…

“I shouldn’t give into that. I find fame quite frightening and I believe it is really toxic… It’s very charming and very persuasive nevertheless it doesn’t last, utilize this type you want to have a go at something that you will miss a lot once it’s gone – also it always goes…”

Adele proceeds to admit she enjoys her under-the-radar lifestyle and stays grounded while using help of family and friends.

“I just like the way I’ve lived gaming and that’s why I’ll carry on living it because of this,” she added. “No one else in gaming is famous, so they’d imagine I was just as one idiot if I ever got caught up with it… I get to accomplish a lot of normal things for doing it.”


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