Hello Behind the Scenes

Since its release on Friday, the Internet continues to be going crazy over Adele’s tunes video on her behalf single, “Hello.” And the thought we had arrived all available after our tears dried was singular: ​What’s the sale with the flip phone?

The music video opens with Adele struggling to obtain a signal upon an old-school clamshell cell that, despite it’s satisfying snap closure, is useless for many modern intents and purposes. It’s 2015. How are you expected to carry on a relationship if you can’t even get reception for just a phone call, aside from text? (And let’s not really think about what are the state of her selfie game has to be.)

Download Hello Sheet Music

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Nonetheless, it happens, there’s a reason on her using a real dinosaur device—and it’s actually not to exacerbate her communication issues. Responding to the Internet’s collective flip phone flip-out, “Hello” director Xavier Dolan revealed his grounds for eschewing the iPhone in a very rather exasperated tweet.

Music Video


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